2 Gram Gold Bar – Credit Suisse





Credit Suisse is a very large bullion seller in the international market, and they have recently unleashed a large amount of gold bars onto the market. These gold bars contain gold that is .9999 pure. These bars are very valuable in terms of investment or savings of wealth in a physical form because they are easy to stack and store in a safe place. For this reason, these gold bars are beginning to fly off of the shelves, so to speak. Each gold bar comes with a certification that matches the serial number on the bar to attest to its weight and purity. On the front side of the bar is the Credit Suisse emblem along with the amount of gold in the bar and the purity that has been ascertained and marked on the accompanying card. You will also see a mint mark that identifies the area in which the bar was made. On the reverse side of the bar is the “Credit Suisse” emblem in a repeated, diagonal pattern. Overall, this gold bar is worth a significant amount of money, and is a good investment option for those who would like to put their money in a safe form of currency. Contains 2 grams (.06430 oz) of .9999 fine Gold. Individual Lady Liberty Gold bars are presented in a sealed protective assay package. Obverse: Depicts weight, purity and Credit Suisse stamp. Reverse: Features a bold, patriotic design of the Statue of Liberty. The accompanying assay card lists the weight and authentication of the bar by the assayer. Manufactured for Credit Suisse, by one of the largest refiners of Gold worldwide.